Even produce on lock!

Even produce on lock!

Toaster by Dre. Concept by: Dyes Uno

Toaster by Dre. Concept by: Dyes Uno

RIP Creighton Lane

Hadn’t seen this dude in forever, but he always stayed in my thoughts. All around solid dude that will be greatly missed by many. RIP Creighton.


I woke up on a Saturday morning and found an old Schwinn bike in my front yard. I picked it up and started to ride around in the street, not too far from my house. After a good 5 mins (in dream time=half a second), I said fuck it, and started to ride around the neighborhood. I saw a bunch of disturbing things which included teenagers bullying another kid, a husband verbally abusing his wife while they were bringing in the groceries and some cops just not taking their job serious at all… which actually came as no real shocker. I ended up riding for a lot longer than anticipated and was, what seemed like, miles from my place. I still felt like exploring so I traveled down this small road which led me to a court, which happened to be populated w/ big trucks and a big shack w/ a huge fire burning in the center of it’s lot. I hopped off of my bike to see if someone could tell me how to get back home and saw these crazy lookin’ white guys w/ biker gang jackets on and they were escorting ppl w/ bags over their heads. 

wrong place. wrong time.

J Dilla-“Workinonit”

still one of my all time faves.

My personal horoscope…

The Sun in Pisces
  28 ° 0 ‘ 

It is a water sign ruled by Neptune. The person with this sign is intuitive, sensitive, humble, generous, kind, and hospitable. He is associated with the mystic, inspiration, and a spirit of great self-sacrifice. He is linked to his surroundings mainly by means of his feelings.The solar element for this sign shows the state of conscience, and whatever inspires, strengthens, and fascinates them.The Sun in Pisces leads him to a natural tendency to push him deep down into himself, so he reaches the bottom of the unconscious. He feels attracted by the mysterious; he feels identified with something beyond the physical world. Besides, he is humble, helpful, and sensitive. It is hard for him to make decisions, because Neptune, which rules Pisces, is a misty planet that reveals a tendency to indeterminate thoughts. His challenge is to overcome his fears and think about his great creative capacity. He is associated as well with shrewdness and sensitiveness, which allow him to know his atmosphere and its disposition. On the other hand, he is a very touchy person, which sometimes lowers his motivation to struggle.Because of his sympathy, tolerance, and compassion, he can understand and help others efficiently. His greatest strength is his capacity of inspiring, supporting, and calming others down.



I was on vaca w/ a group of friends at a resort. My buddy and I decided to go walk into town and check out the little stores. Somehow, we got separated and I was lost. I started to walk for a good mile until I reached a fence which bordered the highway. Out of nowhere, my buddy Joe Cutter pulls up asking what the hell was I doing walking along the highway. I hopped in his Cutlass and we smash out. We ended up stopping at this complex not too far from where he picked me up at. We get out and I asked him what were we doing here… He tells me not to worry. Right when I start thinking the whole situation is sketchy, a gate closes and Joe runs back to his car and yells out “sorry buddy. i had to do it”. So I in panic mode, thinking this was some sick practical joke my friends were playing. But I was way off. 

I walked up a flight of stairs and see another friend of mine and they’re just as clueless as me. We start looking for a way out ASAP. However, we run into this older disabled white man, an older lady (who I would assume is his wife), a younger gentleman and this black guy who looked outta place. They immediately grab my friend and take him away. All I hear is his screaming and their laughter. They strip me down to my boxers and then they also start to undress. The older man brings out some weird costumes and axes and other assorted weapons. THEN he starts to put on a special peg leg w/ a fireplace poker at the end of it. As soon as I see that I start to bail. I run downstairs and see the gate still closed. Then I see an elevator, but the black guy comes out and says “where do u think u goin’ big guy?”. I run into the elevator and the doors close before he can get to me. Then I realize there’s another door on the other side of the elevator, but they also close before he can work his way over. As the elevator goes up the man yells out “YOU’RE GONNA DIE! YOU KNOW THAT RIGHT? YOU’RE GONNA FUCKING DIE!!!”



Last week, I posted the brand new album from Drake Blackmon entitled “Damn, Your Still Rappin???”. Apparently some people who tried to listen to the project were unable to due to some technical difficulties. Drake Blackmon himself shot over the new links to the project. The embed above is a reupload of the album and you guys shouldn’t have any problem listening to it!

Thx again to Dope Material Mag… check it out.